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by Dr Lawrence Wilson
        July 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc
          2019 -

A Brief History of Development Programs

The concept of development has been known on earth for thousands of years.  However, it is not taught much in modern societies.  the Bible makes reference to it when it discusses people who lived a long time, those who had special abilities, and Ezekiel Chapter 1 (the version of Ezekiel).  

The development programs we offer trace their origin to a number of scientific breakthroughs that occurred during the twentieth century.  For more details, read The Development Science Pioneers.

Dr Paul C. Eck synthesized a lot of this 20th century science and designed the first 'mineral balancing programs beginning around 1975.  He was not aware of development, however.

The author was fortunate to work closely with him for fourteen years.  Starting in 2003, he introduced a number of changes to the mineral balancing program including:

  • A different diet

  • More emphasis on lifestyle

  • Discovery of new hair analysis patterns.

  • Supplement program changes, including the addition of kelp, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, Trimethylglycine and most recently, lecithin for some people.

  • Addition of the detoxification procedures.


We continue to research development and how to promote it in the safest, most convenient and most cost-effective way.  If you have specific questions, Contact us for help.







Larger History of Nutritional Balancing Science -  (An older term)


Dr Paul C. Eck (1925-1996) was was the founder of nutritional balancing science. He developed it slowly, beginning around 1970, and extending until his passing about 26 years later. He synthesized ideas from herbalism, nature-cure, chiropractic, modern biochemistry, enzyme and nutritional science and allopathic research.  He combined this with 20th century concepts such as the stress theory of disease, systems theory, chaos theory, and cybernetics. While some healing arts include some of these, none that I know of include them all.


Nutritional Balancing is thus a specific synthesis of East and West, old and new, subtle energy methods and modern biochemistry.


Dr Eck pioneered the use of hair mineral analysis as an assessment method,  It was quite new at the time, and he developed it much further. He added ideal values instead of reference ranges. He also discovered that certain geometric patterns appeared on his specially calibrated hair charts.  This is an aspect of vector mathematics that is revealed when the right chart is used to display the mineral values.


He then developed several unique nutrient formulas and supplement programs to help balance the minerals.

More recent changes.  Since Dr. Eck's passing in 1996, I have added many more cooked vegetables to replenish more alkaline reserve minerals.  It also makes the bodies much more yang. 

I have also added several dozen new geometric patterns that can be identified on the hair mineral analysis. 


I also added supplements of kelp, TMG, EPA-DHA and vitamin D 5000 iu daily and have helped reformulate some of Dr. Eck's products.  Supplement programs are different from those recommended by Dr. Eck's Laboratory at this time.

I also added the detoxification procedures.  I had to do this because the diet and supplements alone were not enough to heal many people.  At this time, the main procedures are the Pushing Down Exercise, Coffee Enemas, Red Lamp Sauna Therapy, Reflexology and the Spinal Twist.

There are special reasons for the use of each of these, and why many other detoxification and healing procedures are not included.  For years, I had used all these methods except saunas to help myself and others become well.

Red lamp sauna therapy was added in 2003.

Positive features of Nutritional Balancing Science:

1. Safer than most other healing methods, in my experience.

2. Effective for healing most conditions.  Some, however, take up to a few years to heal.

3. More permanent healing than most remedy approaches.

4. Preventative.  It can even heal sub-clinical or latent conditions, not just obvious health conditions
​5. Extremely good for chronic infections, and toxicity with all metals and chemicals.

6. Causes development.  This is one of it's secrets, and the reason it is powerful and safe at the same time. This concept is explained in the article:   Introduction to Development. 

7. Trauma healing.  It can undo many mental and physical traumas.  This is an unusual benefit.

8. Retracing.  This is a deep type of healing that occurs with very few healing arts.

 Popular Oriental Healing Systems



This is a very ancient method of healing.  It is an enormous and complex discipline that takes years and years to learn.  It is somewhat similar to nutritional balancing in it's principles.  Let us explore this, as it is interesting that a 5,000 year old therapy is even somewhat similar to one that was developed less than 50 years ago:


Similarities between acupuncture and nutritional balancing science:


1. Balancing yin and yang.

2. Identifies the same patterns in the body, in many cases, although the names are often different.  

3. Some of the products are similar, although acupuncture relies on herbs whereas nutritional balancing uses the     newer vitamin and mineral products of Western nutritional science.

4. Uses a combination of diet, lifestyle, herbs or supplements and other procedures to balance the body.  


Important differences between acupuncture and nutritional balancing:


1. Acupuncture uses the older herbs.

2. Diet is less critical in acupuncture.

3. Acupuncture uses needling of the meridian points.  This is not part of nutritional balancing.

4. NB uses the hair mineral analysis, and coffee enema, foot reflexology, red lamp sauna, spinal twist and pushing   down exercise.  These are not part of acupuncture.

Acupuncture, in my experience, is very interesting, but not as effective today for many people.  The herbs are somewhat toxic, and the needling does not necessarily move more energy downward through the body, which is necessary.  Therefore, we don't usually recommend acupuncture and we don't seem to need it.




This is another very ancient healing method that is still popular in India, in particular.  Like acupuncture, it is a large, complex science.  Like nutritional balancing science, Ayurveda involves metabolic typing, diets, herbs and some others. Once one's type has been identified, specific foods, herbs and other procedures are recommended to balance the body.

In my experience of 35 years, Ayurveda is not nearly as helpful today as it perhaps once was, many thousands of years ago.  Conditions on earth have changed recently, and the bodies are all much sicker and more yin than they were when Ayurveda was developed.


The Remedy Paradigm Versus Balancing the Body

A paradigm is a set of ideas, a way of viewing reality, or a pattern of how things really work in the world.  The dominant paradigm of healing in the Western nations today may be called the diagnose-and-treat method.  It requires that:


1.  A health practitioner must first identify or diagnose a disease entity, a "constitution", a constellation of symptoms,  a syndrome, or some other health condition.

2.  Once the diagnosis is made, one or more remedies are applied to treat, cure, ameliorate, palliate or ideally to     remove the disease, symptoms, condition, or other problem.

3.  The process of applying the remedy is sometimes called prescribing.

As with most paradigms, it is all around us, so we often take it for granted.  However, it is not the only paradigm of healing that exists. 


For example, the ancient science of acupuncture does not name diseases or concern itself much with symptoms. Instead, the practitioner identifies certain rather esoteric imbalances with names like damp heat, yin deficiency or yang rising.  Then steps are taken to rebalance the body, rather than focus on curing or removing symptoms, conditions, diseases, syndromes, diathesis or the constitution.


Nutritional balancing science is similar to acupuncture in that the symptoms go away by themselves when the deeper imbalances are corrected.  

Nutritional balancing is a whole-system approach to healing.  This means that healing occurs because the program balances the body and thereby restores and increases the body's level of adaptive or biochemical energy. Balancing is done by correcting certain mineral ratios making the body more yang, nourishing the body properly and more.

As the body's energy level increases using nutritional balancing science, the body's healing intent or teleology 

becomes more active, and healing occurs throughout the body.  This causes symptoms to go away and it allows a much higher overall level of health or wellness.


Differences Between a Bioenergetic Method of Healing and All Remedy Methods

of Healing

 1.  A total systems approach instead of a partial approach.  Remedy methods are more specific.  Nutritional balancing is not too concerned with symptoms at all.  It is a general systems theory approach to healing.  The idea is to correct the system, and all symptoms improve on their own.


2.  Few "toxic side effects".  From a systems theory perspective, all remedies are somewhat toxic because they do not address the whole system of the body/mind and soul.  In fact, it is not possible to remedy or correct just one part of an integrated system.  Any remedy that addresses just one part of the total system will affect the whole system.


3.  With nutritional balancing, the body corrects symptoms in it's own order and it's own timing.  This is a critical concept.  It can be frustrating at times, because the symptom that one is most interested in correcting, such as fatigue, may not be the first symptom to go away because the body has different priorities.


For example, the teleology or healing intent of the body may decide that a hidden aneurism or a weak heart is more important to heal first, before a symptom of fatigue.  Therefore, it can seem like healing is slower, although this is not really true.  It is just occurring in a different order, and much of it is hidden from view.


In fact, this property of the bioenergetic approach makes it much more thorough and much safer than any remedy approach.  This is because all remedy methods depend on the doctor's and the client's ability to assess the real problem, whereas with nutritional balancing this is much less important because the body decides which symptom or conditions to heal first.  It's priorities for healing are usually far more accurate and appropriate than our guesswork, although it is not the case with cancer.


4.  Deeper, and more complete healing of the body and brain.  As stated above, healing is much deeper and more thorough with bioenergetics.


5.  Much more is asked of the client.  Bioenergetics requires much more client participation, self-discipline and understanding than most remedy approaches.  The Latter tend to be far more passive for the client.  This is good in some ways.  It also means that you will become more empowered in taking control over your own health.


6.  Mental or spiritual development occurs only with nutritional balancing.  Nutritional balancing causes a particular process to occur in the body called development that rarely, if ever, occurs with the use of remedies of any kind.  This process extends life and boosts health in unusual ways, and is discussed in other articles. This process is concerned with the unfoldment of the full potential of a human being.  It is a precise physiological and energetic process with definite stages and a fixed sequence of events.  If you would like to learn more you can search drlwilson + Introduction to Mental or Spiritual Development.



Disclaimer. Development and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body and help people reach their full human potential.  All information on this website is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary. 

Dr Lawrence Wilson, 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc

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